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Is Printing Still Relevant in the Digital Age?

Updated: May 10, 2023

Despite the prevalence of digital communication in our modern world, print remains an essential element of effective communication. Printed materials such as brochures and newsletters play a significant role in communicating a business's values and personality, and can help generate new revenue. The tactile nature of print makes it a more memorable experience, and when combined with good design and linked to a website or social media, it can provide a greater return on investment compared to email or online marketing alone.

An international survey conducted in January 2020 with over 10,700 marketing professionals revealed that decision-makers prefer and gain a greater degree of reassurance and understanding from print media than any other media. The survey examined reading preferences for various forms of communication and concluded that 72% of people preferred reading a printed version over digital options. Additionally, 65% of respondents indicated that they absorbed almost twice the content when reading print media, and they trusted it more, gaining a deeper understanding of the message.

While websites and digital platforms are vital components of communication, print media, when combined with good design, can be a powerful tool. It is no longer about finding the right channel but creating the right combination of channels to achieve the desired results. Good design, whether printed or digital, is essential for effective communication. As we are exposed to more visual messages every day, we recognise what is professional and what is not, and sending out something that looks amateurish can harm a business's reputation and reduce the number of referrals and leads.

print house London

Designed4Print Ltd has built up expertise and skills in design, print, and digital communications, knowing how to strike the right balance for each customer. Offering a complete range of channels, the company can help customers identify the right combination of channels to achieve their desired results. This approach, alongside having great customers, is why Designed4Print Ltd remains in business while many others in print, design, and website development have disappeared.

Print media remains a crucial aspect of communication, and the transfer to the internet alone has not occurred because digitisation works better in harmony with print instead of replacing it. The buzz you get from a well-designed piece of printed marketing dropping through your door or coming across amazing brochure or packaging that wows you with its presentation or relevance is undeniable.

Working with Designed4Print Ltd on the design, content, and finding the right mix for their marketing has been an intrinsic part of the process for many customers. It is a great exercise for brainstorming and as a sanity check before spending a whole lot of money on something that may or may not work. The company's capabilities to produce high-quality printed materials and their dependability are major factors in their customers choosing them to help build and sustain their business.

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