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Direct Mail & Fulfilment
by London printer Designed4Print Ltd

Designed4Print Royal Mail mailbox direct mail
stack of envelopes Designed4print direct mail

Direct mail continues to be a strategic marketing approach that can greatly contribute to a business's success by effectively reaching its target audience while also offering time and cost savings. At Designed4Print Ltd, a London printer, we recognise the immense potential of direct marketing to assist businesses in maximising its benefits.

Direct mail involves the distribution of physical promotional materials, such as postcards, flyers, and brochures, directly to individuals' mailboxes. This method establishes a tangible connection with recipients, which, unlike digital marketing campaigns that can often get lost in spam filters or overlooked, physical mail captures attention more effectively. This targeted approach ensures that resources are utilised efficiently, as messages reach individuals with a genuine interest in the product or service being offered. At Designed4Print Ltd, we streamline the process further by managing all aspects of direct mail campaigns – from design and printing to mailing – allowing businesses to concentrate on core activities while leaving the logistics to the experts.

We provide specialised mailing services for events, newsletters, Annual General Meeting (AGM) information, and other legal documentation. This widens the scope of direct mail's advantages by incorporating essential communication elements for businesses. Mailing event invitations or crucial legal documents not only ensures a personal touch but also guarantees that important information is delivered securely and reliably.

Furthermore, the fulfilment services offered by London printer Designed4Print Ltd streamline the entire direct mail process, making it a hassle-free experience for businesses. From printing personalised materials to assembling and inserting them into envelopes to addressing and mailing them to the intended recipients, Designed4Print Ltd takes care of every step with meticulous attention to detail. This holistic approach not only enhances the visual appeal and professionalism of the campaign but also guarantees that each piece of communication is handled with care and precision, from start to finish.

Designed4Print envelope fulfilment direct mail

Why choose our direct mail and fulfilment services?

  • The idea of switching to a new provider or starting your first direct mail project might appear daunting. We understand this, and can provide expert and friendly advice to simplify the process and make it as cost effective as possible.

  • All our direct mail is sent out by Royal Mail. We are able to offer Mailmark discounts which can be a significant saving over traditional stamps. This means we can tailor our postage solutions to fit your campaign precisely. We keep your costs to a minimum.

  • Our postage is charged at the amount you see on the envelope. There are no extra charges. Design, print, personalisation and fulfilment are separately charged.

  • For personalisation and envelope printing we require an Excel document with all the relevant information in separate columns. Once the mailing is complete we will delete all files to comply with GDPR regulations

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