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NCR Forms & Sets
by London printer Designed4Print Ltd

NCR Pads, also known as duplication pads, comprises of sets of at least two sheets of NCR paper (carbonless paper). They rely on pressure to transfer writing or drawing from the top sheet to those underneath. They can be used with a ball point pen or using an impact printer such as a Dot Matrix or Daisy Wheel. NCR sets are perfect for forms where an instant copy is required such as an invoice, estimate, receipt or maintenance report.

NCR Printing Options

NCR stands for “no carbon required”. The previous approach to duplicating forms involved manually inserting a loose carbon sheet between the forms each time, which could be dirty and undependable. Additionally, as the carbon sheet was reused multiple times, the duplicate's quality would degrade. By avoiding the traditional carbon sheet, these forms are much simpler to use and are ideal for completing while on the go. There is no need to fuss with pages; simply fill out the form, and you will have two or three duplicates that are ready for the appropriate departments.

Options include:

  • Glued together in sets or pads

  • Available in 2, 3 or 4 coloured sheets (White/Yellow/Pink/Blue) NCR sets

  • Printed in 1 or 2 colours

  • Sequential numbering available. This can continue from previous numbers

  • Perforated sheets – top sheets pull out, bottom copy stays in book

  • Pads can contain optional writing shield to protect the forms underneath


You can supply your own artwork, we can re-produce a form you’ve had printed before, or London printer Designed4Print Ltd can design a form to your exact requirements, incorporating your logo and branding. Contact us today to see how we can help.

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